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Lash Lifting as a service is among the world's beauty trends, which shows an ever -increasing trend !

Lash Lift Pro. - Perfect curve for natural eyelashes!

Get to know the new generation Lash Lift Pro. As an eyelash stylist and distributor, we have been looking for a product line that meets our expectations for a long time. There are a lot of good products on the market, but there was always something that was missing during our work... sometimes the packaging and practical usability of the product, and sometimes the lack of stock resulting from the long purchase from overseas suppliers ... so there were a few things that we thought were ripe for innovation and for innovation. This is how the New Generation Lash Lift Pro was born.

During the development, we took into account the things that facilitate and speed up the work process without quality degradation .

Let's see what's different, why is Lash Lift Pro a new generation?

1. Practical

Special fit touch dosing packaging with a brush end, which makes it practical and economical to use, in contrast to the traditional pouch and glass packaging. Emulsions used for eyelash lifting react sensitively to oxygen, so it is very important to store them between uses! With the packaging of Lash Lift Pro. , the product can be used for 4-12 months without quality deterioration as it does not come into contact with oxygen!

2. European procurement

Continuous quality control and procurement takes place within the European Union.

2:1 Step that saves time and takes care of the eyelashes!

The second step of eyelash lifting is thanks to a special procedure  eyelash tinting and fixing can be done at the same time, so the treatment is shortened by an average of 10 minutes, and the natural eyelashes are not burdened!

Extra care and shine for lifted eyelashes

We often felt after the completed lifting that the eyelashes needed a little more than the closing step of the average moisturizing oil treatment, which is why our L'boost product not only moisturizes but also nourishes the natural eyelashes with its extra ingredients.

3. Adhesive

It gives quick and secure adhesion to silicone lifting forms, which does not move and does not irritate the eyes. Easy-to-remove, lukewarm water-soluble material that makes removal easier and more economical.

4.Silicone lifting molds with 5 different curves NEW M1 M2 curve

Available in sizes S, M, M1, M2, L with a soft, not too rounded curve, made of soft transparent silicone to ensure better adhesion to different eye shapes. It can be easily cut to shape if necessary.

You have already participated in an eyelash lifting course, but would you like to try the Lash Lifting Pro product line?

Our customers who graduated from another company receive a "Step by Step" Lash Lift Pro. tutorial with their order. Order our products HERE

Would you like to introduce Eyelash Lifting to your salon?

SIGN UP for our next training course where you can learn the latest technical tricks! And if you have already completed eyelash lifting training but would like to learn the latest techniques, apply for our workshop where we will teach you how to paint the bottom of the eyelashes, how to use the 5 different curves, and how to paint the eyelashes with an optical eyelash thickening technique.

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