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Eyebrows dyed with henna - the best eyebrow dye to use - henna colors

Welcome to the new world of eyebrow tinting. Do you know the new generation eyebrow shaping?

Henna eyebrow dyeing is a natural form of eyebrow styling , with which not only the eyebrows but also the skin area under the hairs are relatively permanently colored. The purpose of this is to create the illusion of shading, depth and fullness by visually filling sparse eyebrows . The natural dye in henna comes from the shrub 'Lawsinia Inermis', which grows in hot, dry climates. The leaves of the shrub are dried and ground into powder, forming henna.

Henna has been around since ancient Egyptian times and has been used and continues to be used for many purposes, such as dyeing hair, clothes, fabrics and makeup. The process of henna eyebrow dyeing is very similar to henna coloring methods found in traditional Indian culture, however, the shades are designed to match the tone of the eyebrows.


Henna from India is grown authentically according to its wonderful traditions. Given the growing popularity of henna around the world, we offer professional salons a product line designed and manufactured according to European standards for the beauty industry!

Our company is the exclusive Hungarian distributor of the BrowTycoon Henna Brows brand , which has a prominent place in the international market .


Combining the old Indian traditions with the new modern procedures, we have brought an innovation with which we can permanently color and shape the eyebrows for several weeks . The Original BrowTycoon product line uses the highest quality henna.


Pure Henna from a quality source has no harmful effects. All our products go through a strict quality control process, so we consider it important to emphasize that Original Brow T Henna Brow is one of the safest professional product lines to use! European Union CPNP registered product line!


The shades of Original Henna Brow T are products that have not been tested on animals and can be used without ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. The most important difference between Henna eyebrow dyeing and traditional dyeing is that the henna formula is completely natural and does not require hydrogen peroxide for coloring, so it is much gentler on the skin and significantly reduces the risk of an allergic reaction. Original BrowTycoon henna does not contain metal salts, our Henna is made from 100% carefully selected natural ingredients. The color is bound to the proteins in the hair and lasts up to 6 weeks. In addition, depending on the skin type, henna is approx. It stays on the skin for 2 weeks . The henna color naturally fades, and with regular use, the eyebrows will become fuller.

Original BrowT Henna shades offer the perfect alternative to traditional eyebrow dyeing, without the use of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Normal eyebrow coloring usually only colors the hair. In most cases, our guests complain that the skin is colored by the paint for only a few days, so the shape created with it unfortunately disappears quickly. Henna , on the other hand, also colors the skin , which can last up to 14 days depending on proper preparation and aftercare of the eyebrows.


The Original BrowT Henna product line offers 10 basic colors , and you can also learn how to mix these colors in our courses. It offers completely customized eyebrow coloring with a wonderful ombre or powder effect!

Henna colors - the best eyebrow dye


Original BrowTycoon Henna is one of the safest HENNA product lines! Do you want to learn everything you need to become a Henna eyebrow specialist? Are you interested in the price of henna eyebrow dyeing training?

You can learn how to use eyebrow henna in a 4-hour practice-oriented eyebrow painting course!

Join the world of cosmetic HENNA BROW eyebrow dyeing and choose Original BrowTycoon Henna and sign up for the ART&COLOR TRAINING !

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